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Breast Augmentation

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Nowadays, they say that a woman’s body features are more important and more noticeable than a woman’s face. One of the major features that determine a woman’s feature is their curve. A major contributing factor to a woman’s S-line is their breasts. A voluptuous and full breast can be the biggest attraction and an important factor in a woman’s body feature. Globally, the percentage of cosmetic breast augmentation surgery increases each year. Women in their 20’s are showing more interest in breast augmentation surgery and many women are beginning to take action to obtain the breasts of their dreams. Normally, there are 2 functions that a women’s breast must fulfill. Breasts must 1) be able to breast feed their child, and 2) be able to sexually attract others as a woman. At La Foret Clinic, all breast augmentation surgeries are performed with these 2 major purposes in mind.

Breast Augmentation Incision Methods

La Foret Clinic is able to perform a variety of breast augmentation incision methods. During the consultation, the most appropriate method is discussed to best fulfill the patient’s needs.
La Foret Breast Clinic Breast Augmentation Incision Methods

Armpit Incision

During the breast augmentation surgery, a 2~3cm incision is made on the line where the underarm hair grows. The breast implant is inserted directly under the breast near the pectoral muscle. This procedure does not interfere nor touch the lobule alveolar system and leaves a very minimal amount of scars. However, light pain can be felt and the recovery period after the breast augmentation can last a bit longer than other incision methods.

Incision on Wrinkles Underneath the Breast

This breast augmentation incision method is more popular in the Western region. This procedure allows the doctors to easily make an incision exactly in the needed area. This breast augmentation incision method is effective for patients who have a clean and clear wrinkle below their breasts. However, the scars from the process can be seen when lying down.

Areola Incision

For those who have given birth or has a dark and enlarged areola, the areola incision breast augmentation method is a very effective method. The breast implant is inserted by creating a 2~3cm incision right below the patient’s areola. The scars are nearly invisible and patients can reveal their underarms without any concern. However, the lobule alveolar system can be damaged through this procedure and the nerves around the nipple can be damaged causing temporary numbness.

Navel Incision

This breast augmentation procedure creates a 1~2cm incision in the inner navel area. The breast implants are inserted by creating a small pocket right below the breasts by using an endoscope. Pain or bleeding is noticeably minimal, scars nearly invisible and the recovery period is very short compared to other breast augmentation incision methods. However, the procedure is difficult and requires an experienced doctor.

Self-Fat Transplant

The self-fat transplant breast augmentation method transfers fat from a different part of the patient’s body to another area that lacks elasticity. Performing the self-fat transplant procedure produces a synergy effect by allowing the patient’s body to remain proportionate. The fat is normally collected from the thigh, buttocks, and lower/upper stomach. The procedure is an option for those who do not agree with inserting breast implants. However, patients may feel as if there is a lump in their breast after the breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Implants

La Foret Breast Clinic Breast Augmentation Implant Method
There are 2 types of implants used for breast augmentation at La Foret Clinic. The Saline Solution Bag and Cohesive Gel (Co-Gel). The selected implants are normally inserted below the pectoral muscle to produce the most natural shape and feel after the surgery.

Saline Solution Bag

The outer material of the saline solution bag is made of silicone with a saline solution within the bag. Unlike a regular silicone gel bag, the body will absorb the saline solution in case of an eruption or leak within the body. However, the saline solution bag jiggles more and feels heavier than regular silicone gel bag.

La Foret Breast Clinic Breast Augmentation Co-Gel Implant

Cohesive Gel (Co-Gel)

The cohesive gel, also known as Co-Gel, is a popular implant when compared to regular silicone implants. The Co-gel has a higher viscosity than the silicone implants, which allows the implant to keep its shape and position if damaged within the body. Co-Gel implant is popular for its natural shape and feel and has been officially approved for use in Korea in 2007.

Breast Augmentation Surgeries

There are many reasons that women undergo breast augmentation. Whatever the reason, be it aesthetic or cosmetic, La Foret Clinic provides a variety of breast augmentation surgeries to fulfill the patient’s needs.

Breast Reduction Breast Augmentation

Cause and Necessity

The size and standards of beautiful breasts are subjective and change according to the patient’s body size, culture and time. There are no standards when determining whether a woman’s breasts are too large or small. However, a woman can claim their breasts are too large when:
1) Their breasts are around 250~300cc and each breast weighs 400g or more.
2) Marks from a brazier last a long time or abrasions from the brazier are left on the shoulders frequently.
3) Frequent pain is experienced near the neck due to the breasts.
4) Frequent heat rashes form near the breasts.
5) Exercises or sports can’t be performed due to breasts.
6) Psychological stress is caused by breasts.

Types of Breast Reduction and Breast Augmentation Method

Areola Incision Breast Reduction Breast Augmentation Surgery
The scars resulting from the areola incision breast lift breast augmentation produces nearly invisible scars and a natural shape and functions of the breasts. The procedure is simple compared to other breast augmentation methods and causes minimal bleeding during the surgery, which results in a shorter recovery period. To be able to perform the surgery, the diameter of the areola must be 4cm or larger and the breast must not be too large or sag too much.
“T” Shape Reduction Breast Augmentation Surgery
The “T” shape reduction breast augmentation surgery is the most typical type of breast augmentation surgery. This procedure is most suitable for women with severe sagginess and a large amount of reduction is needed. An upside down “T” shaped scar is left near and below the areola after the procedure. During the “T” shape breast augmentation surgery, an incision is made from the diameter of the areola, nipple to the wrinkle below the breast. Then, the fat and skin around the breast are removed. The results of the procedure can be easily predicted and can easily be performed multiple times. However, visible scars may remain and the lower portion of the breast can spread out into a boxy shape.
Liposuction Breast Reduction Breast Augmentation Surgery
The liposuction breast reduction breast augmentation surgery can be used for those dealing with obesity and have more fat around their breasts than normal. Liposuction does not leave any scars nor does it damage breast functions. The risk of experiencing numbness around the nipples is reduced. The liposuction breast reduction breast augmentation surgery is more appropriate for older people. However, the amount of reduction is limited and correcting the shape of the breasts is not possible.

Breast Lift Breast Augmentation

Cause and Necessity

The breast lift breast augmentation is for women who have abnormally saggy breasts. Those who are young and have not experience child birth have elastic breasts with lifted breasts and nipples. However, as a woman goes through child birth and ages, the skin ages as well causing flaccid breasts. There may be women who experience flaccid breasts even though their breasts may not be considerably large due to pregnancy and breast feeding.
Those who are diagnosed with flaccid breasts have nipples that are below the center of their breast. Though sagginess may appear due to aging, there are women who may experience flaccid breasts in their youth. There are 3 levels of flaccid breasts:

Level A: The nipple is located within 1cm below the breast.
Level B: The nipple is located 1~3cm below the wrinkle below the breast.
Level C: The nipple is located 3cm lower than the wrinkle below the breast.
La Foret Breast Clinic Saggy Breasts

Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Method

Breast lift breast augmentation surgery corrects flaccid breasts by lifting and securing the nipple as well as the breast to its rightful place. While breast reduction breast augmentation physically reduces parts of the breast, the breast lift breast augmentation lifts the breast to its regular place. There are 2 major types of breast lift breast augmentation procedures. 1) For those who aren’t diagnosed with having severe sagginess and have small breasts, breast lift breast augmentation is performed on a specific part of the breast to lift and shape. 2) For those who are diagnosed with severe saggy breasts, the breast lift breast augmentation procedure consists of creating an incision in the areola area to lit and secure the breast to its place.
La Foret Breast Clinic Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Methods

Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Post-Surgery Care

General anesthetics are commonly used during the breast lift breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended that the patients stay hospitalized a night before the surgery. The patients are to wear correction brazier once the pressurized bandages are removed 3~4 days after the breast augmentation surgery. The stitches are to be taken out about 7 days after the procedure and patients are able to take showers at this point in time and engage in any other daily activities. However, it is recommended for the patients to not get involved in any kind of intense sports activities for at least a month after the breast augmentation surgery. Patients may experience possible side effects. However, careful attention before, during and after the surgery will provide better results for the patients without the side effects.

Retracted Nipple Breast Augmentation

Cause and Necessity

There are many noticeable changes in breasts during a girl’s puberty. There are many questions in regards to changes in a person’s breasts. One of the most common changes is the retraction of the nipple.
Retracted nipples are defined as nipples that are on the same level of the breast or pushed inwards rather than protruding outwards. In these cases, special attention must be paid cosmetically, physically and functionally. It is reported that about 2~3% of the women in Korea experience retracted nipples while growing up. Retracted nipples are usually genetic, and it has been theorized that the lobule alveolar system is abnormally smaller than usual and can’t support the nipple. It is common for women to find out after marriage and during breast feeding that they have retracted nipples. There are cases where the retracted nipples are cured naturally through pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding. However, if not naturally cured, retracted nipples must be treated through breast augmentation surgery.
La Foret Breast Clinic Retracted Nipple Breast Augmentation

Retracted Nipple Breast Augmentation Method

There are many factors to take into account for the retracted nipple breast augmentation. Such factors include the shape and breast feeding function. Keeping those factors in mind, it is important to apply the most appropriate breast augmentation method. Normally, during the retracted nipple breast augmentation surgery, anesthetics are applied to the area surrounding the nipple and incisions are made around the nipple. The nipple and the lobule alveolar system are then pulled out. Physical supports are implanted around the nipple and then sewn. The procedure is usually a 20~30 minute operation. Through the retracted nipple breast augmentation surgery, the lobule alveolar system is preserved and allows for breast feeding to be possible. Also, a minimal amount of incision is required to perform the breast augmentation resulting in scars being nearly invisible. The rate of the retracted nipple reoccurring is less than 1%, and due to the anesthetics, there is no pain felt during the procedure.

Retracted Nipple Breast Augmentation Post-Surgery Care

The patients are able to leave the hospital after the retracted nipple breast augmentation surgery. The patients are to take antibiotics for 3~5days after the procedure to prevent infection. It is possible for the patient to take light showers 4~5 days after the breast augmentation and the stitches are taken out 7~10 days after the surgery. It is highly recommended to avoid tight braziers for about a month after the retracted nipple breast augmentation surgery since it may interfere with the shaping of the nipple. The patient must also take into consideration that external bleeding as well as infections and other side effects may vary for each patient.

Caution before Breast Augmentation Surgery

It is recommended that surgery dates are not set during the woman’s menstrual cycle due to possible bruises and side effects caused by extreme bleeding. Smoking is prohibited two weeks prior to the breast augmentation surgery date. General anesthetics rely heavily on the respiratory system during the procedure. It is also important for the patient to spit out any kind of phlegm after the surgery. Any use of medication that contains aspirin and Vitamin E is prohibited two weeks prior to the breast augmentation surgery due to interference with the homeostasis process. Other medication not prescribed by the doctor is also prohibited before the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Post-Surgery Care

Breast augmentation surgery requires constant care and attention after the surgery. Breast augmentation post-surgery care can affect over 20% of the surgery results. Breast augmentation post-surgery care should last for 1~2 months after the stitches are removed. The purpose of post breast augmentation post-surgery care is:
1) To make sure that the implant is placed in the correct position.
2) To maintain the softness of natural breasts.
3) To form a natural shape even when lying down.
The patients are to massage the breasts, wear correction brazier and take prescribed medication. Such breast augmentation post-surgery care should be performed as directed by the doctor according to each patient’s surgery method and shape of the breast augmentation. These post-surgery care methods should be carried out by the patient, and only the patient, and should be practiced at home as often as possible.
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